Waste Oil Burners, Heaters and Boilers

PORTABLE (mobile)


Heat anywhere with this portable (mobile) waste (used) oil heater! Self-contained, it is designed for use on job sites outdoors or in very well ventilated locations. A variety of waste (used) oil fuels could be used to produce up to 150,000 BTU per hour. Enjoy it all:

years of FREE RADIANT HEAT  •  low maintenance  •  clean waste oil burning

The World's First Infrared Portable Waste Oil Heater: controls The World's First Infrared Portable Waste Oil Heater: self-contained unit The World's First Infrared Portable Waste Oil Heater: business end

Features of this portable (mobile) radiant waste (used) oil heater

  • Sun light warmth

    radiant heat penetrates evenly on surface just like the sun;

  • Best outdoor performance:

    the best choice for outdoor use, where the heater not influenced by the wind, unlike the forced air type heaters it does not lose the heat by hot air being blown by the wind and by mixing with cold air;

    Portable radiant waste (used) oil heater outdoor performance vs forced air heater.
  • Fast and efficient performance:

    this radiant heater can start up or shut off in 5-6 minutes, and it reaches the peak heating efficiency in just a couple of minutes;

  • Quick and easy set up:

    just plug it in and start up;

  • Direct heat transfer:

    the infrared heat transfers straight and directly to the object;

    Portable radiant waste (used) oil heater: heat transfer chart.
  • Dust free:

    only heat sent forward no blowing dust;

  • No smoke:

    when adjusted properly, the heater does not smoke while burning its fuel (waste oil) the heat directed forward, the exhaust gases emitted up.

Radiant waste (used) oil heater applications

  • Factory, Plant, Workshop, Mine (good ventilation is a must)
  • Outdoors, eg. construction sites, parties
  • Drying od paint or adhesive
  • Asphalt and Concrete preparation
  • Sports (eg stadiums, practice fields, ranges etc.) to keep athletes, personnel or equipment worm
  • Worming up/keeping worm machinery, eg. airline companies
  • Military

Radiant Waste (Used) Oil Heater OWR-150 Specifications

Heat Output 150,000 BTU/h (33,50 KCal/h)
Nozzle Syphoning Nozzle - Air and Oil Type 9-5 Varible Flow Rate
Fuel Waste Oils / Deisel / Kerosene
Tank Capacity 17 Gal
Power Source 1 KW
Control System 5 sec. prepurge 180 sec. postpurge
Monitoring System Photocell flame monitor, 3A fuse, Vibration sensor
Burner Type Compressure air atomized waste oil burning
External Dimensions (LxWxH, inch) 50 x 28 x 34
Dry Weight 180 lbs.